Ward councilors encouraged to have 5-Year Ward Plan for increased Accountability

Ward councilors encouraged to have 5-Year Ward Plan for increased Accountability

Madang, 19th September 2018 -Transparency International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG) facilitated a workshop on Accountability within Local Level Governments (LLG) in Madang this month.

Twenty four participants from Wards 2, 3, 4 and 6 of the Madang Urban LLG (MULLG) were informed of the legal requirement for all Wards to have a 5-year plan as the absence of this vital document would reduce their ability to hold Ward Councilors and LLG Presidents accountable.

Guest speakers from the Consultative and Implementation Monitoring Council (CIMC) and the Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs (DPLGA) spoke to the participants on their role in the communities, and their priorities so that activities could be undertaken in line with those priorities.

These sentiments were further reiterated by TIPNG as Ward Plans were an important part of ensuring accountability at the Ward Level and that leaders that willfully avoided doing this could be deemed to violate the Leadership Code.
The mission of TIPNG is to inform, educate and empower citizens to take action against corruption where it may occur. Through this workshops TI is working with ward councilors to combat corruption by promoting integrity, justice and accountability at the ward level.

Previous Workshops in the Highlands and NGI region were held in the Goroka District in the Eastern Highlands Province and the Hoskins & Talasea LLGs in the West New Britain Province respectively.

The scheduled series of workshops were a result of the LLG Elections that were initially scheduled for 2018, before being deferred to 2019, and the indication that the LLG Service Improvement Programme (LLGSIP) would be scrapped in favour of increasing to K10,000 the annual fundsreceived by each of the over 6,300 Wards across the country.

The two day program of the workshop covered topics such as:

• The roles and responsibilities of the LLG
• The government system and the structures of different levels of the government
• The types of grants received by provinces and community needs

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