TIPNG members elect 2021 Board

TIPNG members elect 2021 Board

Saturday 26 June 2021, Port Moresby – Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) held its Annual General Meeting today to present its annual report for the year 2020 to its members.

As part of the business of the AGM, the financial members of TIPNG elected Mr Peter Aitsi as chair, Ms Michelle Hau’ofa as secretary and Mrs Akae Beach as treasurer to serve for the coming year. A further 11 individuals were also elected to serve on the board and they were; Jerome Sesega, Brian Alois, Belinda Kanau, Philip Samar, Paul Barker, Mary Udu, Richard Kassman, Christopher Elphick and Michael McWalter, Seini Fisi’ihoi and a new member to the Board, Mr. Bill Neill.

In welcoming the 2021 TIPNG board directors, Chairman Peter Aitsi said, he looked forward to their active participation and contribution on the board. An important responsibility for the Board will be to oversight the governance of the organisation along with deepening the association’s long-standing relationship with the private and public sector. This relationship is even more important now in the face of the shrinking space for civil society voices and where the apparent impunity for the corrupt is becoming more blatant.

“The new Board will seek to advance a number of key priorities including lending support to the establishment of a strong Independent Commission Against Corruption. Another immediate priority will be the rolling out voter education and increasing our advocacy for the proper management and conduct of the 2021 elections integrity. Our focus remains on empowering citizens to act against corruption and reduce the current level of public apathy,” said Mr Aitsi.

“TIPNG has set a new course in our Strategic Plan 2019-2023 and that is to build stronger and more active partnerships. The cornerstone of sustainable change will always be in collective effort. We have sought engagement from like-minded organizations and individuals to widen the anti-corruption network across the country and with these organisations lend our combined support to the mandated watchdog agencies,” he added.

The role of director of TIPNG is voluntary and directors receive no payment. The Board is responsible for setting of the organisation’s vision, articulating its purpose, managing its financial performance, statutory compliance and overall performance of TIPNG.