TIPNG Works with Partners in East New Britain to Build Elections Integrity

TIPNG Works with Partners in East New Britain to Build Elections Integrity

Wednesday 29th September 2021 Port Moresby – In the lead up to next year’s National General Elections, Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) has hosted a successful Election Awareness Information Workshop with partners in East New Britain (ENB) Province last week in Kokopo, as part of TIPNG’s ongoing Building Elections Integrity through Partnership (BEIP) Project. The 1-day Workshop was targeted at sharing TIPNG’s information on election awareness and to empower first-time voters on their rights & responsibilities, as well as to emphasize the importance of voters in the 2022 National Elections making decisions for the good of the of the country. 

“With the national elections fast approaching it is essential that eligible voters must be informed about their rights & responsibilities. Equally important is ensuring that voters know how to evaluate candidates and ensure they vote for persons that demonstrate traits of transparency, accountability, honesty and integrity. TIPNG is ready to work with our partners in provinces to build elections integrity,” said Mr. Yuambari Haihuie, TIPNG Deputy Director Partnerships and Policy, in a media statement after the Workshop. 

Supporting TIPNG in the workshop were presentations by the East New Britain (ENB) Provincial Election Steering Committee (PESC) Deputy Chairman, the Ombudsman Commission NGI Regional Office and the PNG Electoral Commission East New Britain Provincial Office. 

Attendees at the workshop included representatives from the following organizations: 

• Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary 

• Kokopo Business College 

• Gaulim Teachers College 

• Divine Word University OLSH Kabaleo Campus 

• University of Natural Resources and Environment 

• Callan Services for Persons with Disability 

• PNG International Committee of the Red Cross 

• Caritas PNG 

• Catholic Bishops Conference 

• Seventh Day Adventist Church 

• United Church 

• Baptist Church 

• Ombudsman Commission 

• PNG Electoral Commission 

• ENB Provincial Administration 

The Election Awareness Workshop was part of a 1-week outreach program to the Kokopo and Gazelle Districts of East New Britain, which also included public outreach at schools and marketplaces. While this has been their first provincial outreach, TIPNG’s BEIP Project will also be rolling out workshops in eight provinces across the four regions of Papua New Guinea. 

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