Fighting Corruption is every citizen’s responsibility

Fighting Corruption is every citizen’s responsibility

Port Moresby, 28th February 2019 – It is the responsibility of each and every citizen to take an active stand against corruption and to reject it when and where they encounter it. This is the message from Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) to its members during a membership meeting in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

TIPNG met with its members in Goroka last week to promote its values, programs and campaigns and to encourage support for the anti-corruption cause. The meeting also focused on informing, educating and empowering a strong membership base of anti-corruption campaigners in Eastern Highlands Province.

The members participated in vibrant discussions and activities that looked at ethical dilemmas and what the members would do if they found themselves in various dilemmas that questioned their integrity.

The mandate of TIPNG is to be information brokers, providing citizens with the information that they need to fight corruption in their everyday lives. TIPNG is an NGO that relies on the support of donor agencies, partners and its members to operate, as such, we are continuously encouraging people to sign up to become members and support us in the work that we do. If citizens would like to know more about how to become members of TIPNG, they can email or call our office on 3234917/ 3237517.

TIPNG also visited staff at Ela Motors Goroka and spoke to them about the work of anti-corruption work of TIPNG and how they could be become advocates for change in their daily lives.

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