2017 National Election Observer Report

2017 National Election Observer Report

It is TIPNG’s view that the 2017 National Parliamentary Election was not ¬†delivered effectively, efficiently and of sufficient and acceptable quality.

TIPNG presented the findings of its election observation yesterday(Thursday 9/11/17) during its Integrity Seminar held to commemorate the organization’s 20th anniversary.

Key findings from voter survey were:

  • voters reported that voting rights were taken by others without permission.
  • voters said polling officials were responsible for delays in voting that resulted in voters not being able to vote.
  • voters interviewed reported threats to voters on polling day, if they did not vote for a particular candidate.
  • voters were offered bribes or asked for bribes to vote for a particular candidate on polling day
  • there was a lack of secrecy in voting. Regional variation was noted, with Southern and New Guinea Islands Regions generally upholding secrecy.

Key Findings from Polling Place Survey:

  • Often, polling place management and election administration was not carried out according to electoral law
  • Lack of Secret Voting
  • bribery and intimidation of voters during polling
  • security personnel were not impartial
  • polling places lacked election materials including security.

The following areas are recommended by TIPNG  for the PNGEC and relevant agencies to improve:

  • Enforcement of existing laws by agencies during the elections
  • Electoral Roll Update and Verification
  • Security and prevention of election related violence
  • Election Awareness.


Download the full TIPNG Election Observer Report