Day: February 11, 2020

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TIPNG is calling for the Prime Minister and relevant Papua New Guinean agencies to investigate what appear to
be serious allegations of grand corruption against State Minister William Duma, as reported in the Australian
Financial Review earlier this week.

As Parliament prepares to convene its first sitting of the year, TIPNG urges Prime Minister Marape to live by his
words that he will fight corruption and that the example must now start with his own cabinet.

“When the Manumanu land deal allegations first surfaced in 2017, TIPNG supported the former Prime Minister’s call
for an investigation and in the interest of good governance, that Mr. Duma must step down as minister until he is
cleared. We now hear of similar allegations involving the setting up of shell companies and the purported abuse of
office to enrich certain individuals, all at the expense of the People of Papua New Guinea,” said TIPNG Chairman,
Peter Aitsi.

TIPNG now maintains the same call to Prime Minister Marape, that the Minister at the centre of this report must be
directed to step down and a proper independent investigation into the allegations must be undertaken immediately.
Given the transaction involved US dollars and an Australian listed company, there is prospect for the PNG Police and
anti-corruption agencies to work closely with the Australian Federal Police, the US Securities Exchange Commission
and the US Department of Justice to investigate the evidence exposed by the Australia Financial Review.

The main question that needs to be asked is why a company with only K2 capital, was set up days before being
granted a petroleum licence; before selling this same license to an international petroleum company for US$10.3m
(K36m) shortly thereafter. Most importantly who is the behind this company? Who are its beneficiaries? and what
role did they play?

TIPNG believes that failure by Prime Minister Marape to act on principles of good governance will only
embolden corrupted individuals and networks to continue their activities. While there are certain distinctions from
the Manumanu land scandal, as the matter involves a foreign firm & petroleum licenses, the principles of proper
governance & accountability of public office must still apply.

The use of shell companies and opaque company structures demonstrates the need for legislating a beneficial
ownership registry through the PNG Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (PNGEITI). Heightening the scrutiny
of beneficial ownership through the activation of the PNGEITI processes will assist in improving transparency in
licensing and revenue flows from major resource projects.

TIPNG reminds Prime Minister James Marape of his various statements declaring his commitment to fight
corruption, the time for talking is over. The PEOPLE OF PNG now NEED ACTION, before new projects like P’nyang and
others meet the same fate.


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Law Students Successfully Complete TIPNG Internship

Three students from the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) School of Law have completed their eight-week internship with local anti-corruption organisation, Transparency International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG), on Monday 10th February, 2020.

The interns; Alois Sinen, Rhonda Tevlone and Melvia Lyandenge, began their internship on 2nd December, 2019 within TIPNG’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC), which provides information to assist witnesses & victims of corruption in PNG.

“Since 2017, there have been 2 cohorts of interns. The 2019-2020 TIPNG Interns are the third cohort to have completed the program.  We are proud to have these budding legal professionals gain experience of TIPNG’s activities and programs which empower citizens to address corruption,” said Mr Samson Kandata, coordinator of the TIPNG Legal Internship Program (LIP).

“The 2-month internship involved attending to complainants through phone calls and face-to-face meetings with clients. TIPNG is a non-government organisation so does not investigate, arrest or prosecute perpetrators of corruption. The LIP Interns while with TIPNG compiled case briefs and followed up referral of cases with responsible agencies on behalf of complainants.”

In addition to their duties under ALAC, the Interns also contributed to research & policy work on outstanding national cases of corruption and assisted with advocacy & outreach events by TIPNG. Meeting with TIPNG stakeholders and partners in the Public & Private Sectors was also a part of the LIP. The Legal Internship, now in its 3rd year, is an arrangement between the UPNG Law School and TIPNG, with funding support from ExxonMobilPNG (EMPNG).

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Thursday, February 06, 2020, Port Moresby – As the PNG chapter of Transparency International Incorporated (TIPNG) celebrated their twenty-third anniversary last month, the anti-corruption agency has now honored four local companies who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to TIPNG and the fight against corruption in PNG.

Founding members of the TIPNG board, Richard Kassman and Dame Meg Taylor were on hand at the short ceremony, in an event which was co-hosted by TIPNG and NASFUND PNG Limited, to commemorate over two decades of the anti-corruption movement in PNG.

The awardees on the night were Johnston’s Pharmacy, Kenmore Limited, ExxonMobil PNG, and, the Bank of PNG who were honored in two categories for, dedicated commitment and exceptional contribution respectively.

In her remarks during the presentation of the awards, TIPNG Executive Director Arianne Kassman congratulated Johnston’s Pharmacy and the Kenmore Group for over thirteen consecutive years of dedicated financial support to the work of TIPNG.

Ms Kassman also congratulated recipients of the exceptional contribution award, Bank of PNG which has contributed over K139,000 to TIPNG programs since 2007 and ExxonMobil PNG Limited whose contributions have amounted to over K106,000 over the past decade. ExxonMobil PNG’s contribution towards the annual Mike Manning Youth Democracy Camp, which has become a trademark project of TIPNG for over a decade.

Lady Mina Siaguru, spouse of the founding Chairman of TIPNG, late Sir Anthony Siaguru, was also present during the ceremony last week which gave corporate supporters of the anti-corruption organisation the opportunity to learn more about TIPNG and their work.

Now positioning themselves to take on the challenges of the new year 2020, TIPNG is looking to build on a number of ongoing and new initiatives, including their flagship Mike Manning Youth Democracy Camp, the Open Government Program, the Promoting Anti-Corruption and Integrity Strategies (PAIS) program and the push to have civic educations materials included in the national curriculum to name a few.

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