Case 2.2 – Konebada Petroleum Park

Case 2.2 – Konebada Petroleum Park

The Konebada Petroleum Park was a Government initiative introduced to promote the petroleum industry to employ people, create jobs and revenue for the country (Tarawa, The National, 2018). The Konebada Petroleum Park Authority Act 2008 was passed by Parliament which established the Konebada Petroleum Park and the Konebada Petroleum Park Authority providing for an appropriately managed and serviced industrial precinct for operation of large scale green fields petroleum processing and energy products to add value to the resources of PNG, promote and develop downstream processing and export industries, and enable land to be used for commercial activities (Dentons, 2017).

The project has seen little development since its creation as the overseer of a free trade zone connected to the PNG gas export sector and initially came under the spotlight in 2010, when it was reported that around K8 million of funds allocated had disappeared without a trace after receiving K29 million, one third of it disappeared (the K8 million mentioned above) and of the known amount, 83% went to consultants (Kolma, The National, 2010).

In August 2015, the Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban announced the appointment of a board to oversee the development of the Konebada Petroleum Park (KPP). However, the NRI in April 2017 released a report describing the KPPA as a ‘scam’ and called for its immediate abolishment. The report said the Lands and Physical Planning Minister – by putting over 23,000 hectares of land under the administration of the KPPA – failed in his ministerial responsibilities by not consulting the affected traditional villages and businesses within the area (Naime, Loop PNG, 2017).


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