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Youth to utilize media skills for advocacy

Wednesday 23rd April 2019, Port MoresbyTransparency International PNG (TIPNG) recognises the role that youth play in nation building and creating a better future for Papua New Guinea, thus it carries out activities to inform and empower youth through its Youth Integrity Program (YIP). YIP conducted a 3 day Media Smart Youth (MSY) Workshop with students from secondary schools in Port Moresby and the Central Province at the Dream Hub of The Voice Inc. in Port Moresby.

The workshop ended last week Thursday with a media conference attended by members of the media and TIPNG Executive Director, Ms Arianne Kassman. The event was organised and set up by the participants using the knowledge they gained from the workshop. They also took part in a question and answer panel discussion and held a Mini exhibition of four media products they were tasked to create: 1. Photo exhibition to show the photography skills they learned 2. Letters to the Editor on issues of concern 3. Short stories and feature stories of unique PNG experiences 4.Video diary that integrated the interviewing and videography.

A total of 21 participants, including a teacher from the Port Moresby International School and 2 Youth Advocates from the Sanap Wantaim Campaign, participated in the workshop. Speakers at the workshop included Click TV Journalist and Producer Ms Florida Gulaseni, Videographer Mr Jerry Albaniel, Writer and blogger Ms Tess Gizoria.

Workshop topics included: writing letters to the editor, interviewing techniques, public speaking, how to write short stories and feature stories, photography, Videography, print media, broadcast media, using social media as a tool for advocacy and, radio and radio jingles and organising a press conference. Participants were also taken through team building exercises to help increase their confidence when interacting with each other and the workshop speakers.

Participants were from the Saint Joseph’s International Catholic College, Port Moresby International School, Sogeri National High School, Jubilee Catholic Secondary School La Salle Technical College, Gerehu Secondary School, De La Salle Secondary School, Marianville Secondary School, Port Moresby National High School, Kilakila Secondary School, Kopkop College, Sanap Wantaim Campaign and The Voice Inc.

YIP Coordinator, Mr Dagia Aka said that having Media Smart Youth was very important in that young people can start using the various forms of the media available to them as tools for advocating against corruption and for a better future, and ensure that their voices are  heard.

Mr Aka also thanked the parents of the students and heads of participating schools for allowing students to be a part of the workshop, and The Voice Inc. for use of their dream hub space to conduct the workshop.

Speaking on behalf of the participants, Marie Jose Laua from Gerehu Secondary School thanked TIPNG for the opportunity to learn about the media and the many ways they as young people can properly utilise the media to speak up about issues that they are concerned about. She went on to say that through the workshop, they are now more confident and ready to put into practice what they have learned.

Joyce Apelis Nindivi, the teacher participant said the workshop was a good initiative undertaken by TIPNG to educate young people on the importance of the media. She also expressed that she had learned so much from the workshop and was looking forward to sharing what she had learned with her colleagues and students.

Transparency International PNG through its Youth Integrity Program plans to carry out similar workshops throughout the rest of the year to continue to empower young people and provide them with the opportunity to raise their voices on issues that they are concerned about such as corruption.

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TIPNG Newsletter January – March 2019

It has been a very busy 3 months for TIPNG. We started off the year with many activities and have been busy since. In this quarter’s newsletter, you will read about the work that TIPNG carried out with youth through schools visits and a forum. We also met with stakeholders to create new partnerships and to strengthen existing partnerships and carried out a membership meeting with our members in Goroka and visited organisations to talk about the anti-corruption work that we do and how citizens can be a part of it. You can read about all these activities and more in the Newsletter. Happy reading!


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TIPNG is calling for suitable candidates to fill in the position of a Civic Education Coordinator. The Civic Education Coordinator is responsible for planning and overseeing all civic and voter education activities.

The person we are looking for must have:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Political Science or other qualifications relevant to civic education work
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in fields relevant to civic education work
  • 2 years’ experience with Project Management and financial skills in either private or NGO sector
  • Competent in Microsoft Office programs
  • Experience (and ideally be certified) conducting trainings with different sectors in the community
  • Ability to both advise and work under the direction of the Executive Director


The duties of the Coordinator include:

  • Develop, Plan and Organize overall Civic Education Plan for TIPNG
  • Finalisation of all civic education material for Curriculum Development
  • Train teachers on the use of Civic Education Material
  • Conduct piloting of School Based Civic Education (SBCE) materials in schools
  • Run Ethics Trainings for organizations, including and not limited to, the Police, State Agencies, Churches and Civil Society
  • Develop a Voter Education Plan for TIPNG and implement
  • Track project expenditures and monitor project progress
  • Timely reporting to relevant stakeholders

Applications must include 3 referees with reliable telephone number and/or email address.

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TIPNG is seeking three (3) consultants able to work independently for short-term contract work from April-May 2019 based in Port Moresby.

  1. Media Trend Analysis & Report

Roles and Responsibilities

4 week contract to do a Media Trend Analysis on governance issues, deliverables are:

  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Graphic presentation of data
  • Narrative report on data

Skills Required:

  • Must have a strong background in research and academic writing
  • Must have a demonstrable understanding of Media and Governance issues in PNG
  • Must have professional-level understanding of both Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Should preferably have an understanding of the work of TIPNG
  • Should preferably have their own resources to conduct research online
  1. Freedom of Information Survey Analysis & Report

Roles and Responsibilities

4 weeks contract to do a write-up using data collected from a survey conducted on 18 state agencies, deliverables are:

  • data analysis
  • graphic presentation of data
  • narrative report on data

Skills Required:

  • Must have a strong background in research and academic writing
  • Must have a demonstrable understanding of Governance issues in Papua New Guinea
  • Must have professional-level understanding of both Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Should preferably have an understanding of the work of TIPNG
  • Should preferably have their own resources to carry out responsibilities
  1. Website Development – Tracker & Sections

Roles and Responsibilities

4 week contract to develop TIPNG website, deliverables are:

  • data compilation
  • graphical presentation of data
  • development of website tab

Skills Required:

  • Must have professional-level understanding of WordPress
  • Must have demonstrable experience in creating and maintaining websites
  • Must have professional-level understanding of both Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Should have a demonstrable understanding of Media and Governance issues in PNG
  • Should preferably have an understanding of the work of TIPNG

Expected Period of Employment: 29th April – 24th May 2019

How to Apply

Please post applications for Short Term Consultants, specifying which of the three (3) contracts you are submitting. Application must have cover letter (covering how applicant meets advertised requirements) and most recent CV to TIPNG, PO Box 591, Port Moresby, NCD. Applications can also be dropped off at the TIPNG Office, Section 54, Lot 31, Lokua Avenue Boroko or to via email.

Applications close on Friday 19th April 2019

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Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against Corruption 2019

Its on Again!

The 2019 Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against corruption will be on held on the 9th of June 2019 here in Port Moreby. The walk will also be held in Lae and Goroka (dates to be advised)

The theme for the walk this year is “Justice = Enforcement + Reporting”.

More information is provided on the flyer here.  Download the Registration Form and register a team today!

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Asia Pacific Department

The Transparency International Secretariat (TIS) has funded TI chapters in the Asia Pacific Department (APD) to carry out programme activities that will lead to effective and accountable governance for sustainable development.

There are four areas of focus for the APD funding, they are; Enhanced Social Accountability and Role of Civil Society, Strengthened Anti-Corruption Legislation, Strengthened Enforcement of Anti-Corruption Mechanisms and lastly Enabling Impact.

TIPNG has chosen to work within 3 of the aforementioned action areas over the course of 2018 & 2019 to combat impunity for the corrupt, which is the overarching aim of the implementation of the APD grant in Papua New Guinea.

Local Level Government (LLG) Accountability Workshops

Under Goal 1 of the APD Accountability Programme, which is Enhanced Social Accountability & Role of Civil Society, TIPNG will work with partners and communities to strengthen accountability of decision making and planning at the level of Wards and LLGs in PNG.

The activity was initially envisioned as a series of workshops in 3 LLGs across 3 of PNG’s regions (NGI, Highlands & Momase) which would happen both prior to and after the scheduled 2018 LLG Elections. The first round of workshops as planned, would cover the core concepts of Ward Planning & Budgeting at the LLGs & Wards and also explain key concepts of accountable leadership.

While materials for TIPNG’s School Based Civic Education (SBCE) Programme would be referenced and used, a key part of the workshop would be presentations by facilitators from the Consultative and Implementation Monitoring Council and the Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs, on budget planning and implementation respectively.

Awareness on the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Bill

Goal 2 of the APD Grant is to enable strengthened anti-corruption Legislation, with the most prominent legislation in PNG in this regard being the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). While TIPNG has been championing the ICAC since its foundation, the proposed Bill is yet to be enacted.

In 2017 TIPNG assisted the Attorney’ General to stage a seminar at University of Papua New Guinea, on the issuet hat are around the proposed ICAC Bill. There was a clear desire by participants at the seminar for wider and more thorough consultation. TIPNG has volunteered to assist the Attorney General’s to disseminate the key ICAC information, such as a full page advert with simplified explanation of the different sections of the Bill to be publish in full in the newspaper.

Sub-national Lands Complaints Desk

The Lands Department’s Fraud & Complaints Desk has also been something that TIPNG worked closely with when the office was established in 2014 at the behest of the Advocacy & Legal Advice Centre (ALAC). The Desk is part of the Department and assists with complaints about officers from the Department. Unfortunately, the Desk is only available in NCD, so TIPNG will be working closely with the Department to bring the Lands Complaints Desk to other parts of the country.

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