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PROJECT TYPE: Government

The Open Parliament Project aims to:

• encourage MPs to share information with the public about themselves and the good work they do as elected representative

• enable members of the public to have a better understanding of their elected representatives, their roles and activities

• provide a platform for members of the public to communicate with their elected leaders

• increase public awareness of the function of parliament, its committees and its proceedings.

Open Parliament project activities will provide factual research information, MPs performance against set of indicators and information on parliamentary business. These will be done by setting up a database through a website, setting up mobile phone access mechanism, production of annual reports on the whole of parliament and media activities. The oversight body of the Project will be representatives from both Parliament and TIPNG to ensure the information provided is accurate. The European Union will initially fund the project for two years.

In the long run, TIPNG and the Parliament hope that the outcomes of the Open Parliament Project will:

• enable voters to become more informed,

• build stronger incentives for party platforms,

• encourage more effective and efficient parliament and public service,

• increase integrity and enhance democratic governance in PNG and increase citizen access to core services and rights as guaranteed under the constitution.

The Open Parliament Project is in line with the Parliament Speaker, Hon Theo Zurenou's vision to reform, restore and modernise Parliament and he welcomes TIPNG and EU to partner with him to drive his reform agenda.


OPP in 2014

1. Parliamentary House Committee endorsed and approved the implementation of Open Parliament Project on May 2014
2. Launching of Website: on 27th June 2014
3. Launching of SMS Text Query “What is my MP doing?” on 27th June 2014
4. Launching of Parliament Performance Report on 27th June 2014
5. Open Parliament Statistics of Website and SMS Press Conference on 14th August 2014

1. Since the launching of the Website, the website has received about 14000 hits which include 74% of new visitors and 26 % returning visitors. 87 different countries around the globe visit the website. Most visitors are from PNG followed by Australia, America including 87 other different countries around the Globe.
2. After the Launch of the SMS Text Query on 27th of June 2014 it has received about 19505 SMS Hits from June to December 2014.
3. We have received about 1690 hits on a single day in August

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