YACA is a membership-based youth organization which aims to be fully operated by youth who are committed to fighting corruption, by refusing to practice corruption in oneself and rejecting the attitudes that support and allow corruption to happen.

YACA members are asked to memorize and recite the YACA Pledge everyday to remind themselves of their opposition to corruption.


We bring young people together and provide a platform on which they can use to voice their concerns and opinions and be heard, as well as provide them with opportunities to develop leadership skills and be a positive influence in their communities.

Partners & Supporters

We work in partnership with Transparency International PNG Inc. to raise awareness about the damaging effects of corruption and empower youth to take an active stand against corruption.

We are also member of the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network, group of young civil society leaders, journalists, ICT and media experts and musicians who are finding creative and innovative ways tackle corruption.

We recently joined 350.org and support the fight against climate change. Together with our brothers and sisters in the Pacific, we stand to help preserve our islands, our cultures and our homes…

YACA also supports the work of organizations such as Meri Toksave, The National Youth Commission and The Voice Inc.

It is our hope that through these partnerships, YACA members become more engaged as active citizens and find ways to positively contribute to the development of this country.

The YACA Pledge

With faith in God’s mercy and love,
I *your name* Pledge,
That I will always speak the truth;
That I will always respect other people’s property;
That I will always be gentle in my actions and in my words;
That I will always repay my debts;
That I will always keep my promises;
May God help me to be faithful to this pledge all the days of my life.


Our Commitment

TI is committed to creating and working with broad coalitions representing civil society to prevent corruption by reforming systems.

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