Youth Against Corruption Association

The Youth Against Corruption Association (YACA) is a membership based youth organization, run by youth, for youth, who are committed to the fight against corruption in Papua New Guinea (PNG). YACA was formed to bring youth together and develop a platform on which they can voice their concerns and opinions and be heard. YACA develops young people with leadership skills and provides  them the opportunity to be a positive influence in their families, schools or community.


Youth Against Corruption Association (YACA) envisions a society where young PNG people are empowered to take action against Corruption and are guided by the YACA principles of Honesty, Integrity and Good Citizenship.


There are three aims of YACA: Voice, Commitment & Leadership. These aims are things we want for our members.

Voice: A YACA member uses their voice to speak out and publicly reject dishonesty, violence and corruption

Commitment: A YACA member is committed to reciting the YACA pledge everyday. The pledge is a reminder of his/her promise to become a good person, committed to honesty, integrity and good citizenship.

Leadership: A YACA member shows leadership and always shows by their behavior that they are a good role model for others to follow


There are three basic principles that all YACA members to live by: Honesty, Integrity and Good Citizenship

Honesty: Honesty allows the goodness inside a person to show. Honesty involves being truthful to others, being truthful to yourself, doing what’s right regardless of who is around and being someone others can trust.

Integrity: Integrity is one of the most important characteristics of a great leader. Having integrity is not only knowing what’s right, but doing what’s right – even when no one is looking.

Good Citizenship: A good citizen is someone who does things that contribute to the good of others in society. These actions are done whenever the opportunity arises and when action is needed. Some actions are easy, some are fun and some require sacrifice. A good citizen also believes the country is worth keeping strong and understands the importance of citizen involvement in a democracy.


Through the YACA pledge, YACA members are encouraged to make a sincere commitment to honesty, integrity and good citizenship. YACA members are asked to memorize this pledge and to say it everyday to remind themselves of their commitment to opposing corruption. The pledge does not describe the type of person you are but describes the type of person you want to become.

With faith in God’s mercy and love

I …………………………………………….

Pledge that I will always speak the truth

That I will always  respect other people’s property

That I will always be gentle in my actions and in my words

That I will always repay my debts

That I will always keep my promises

May God help me to be faithful to this pledge

All the days of my life. Amen


The big hand logo represents the five promises of the YACA Pledge. The big hand logo appears on the YACA Badge. YACA members are encouraged to wear this badge to remind themselves of the five (5) promises of the YACA Pledge.


YOUTH FORUMS give young people an opportunity to voice their concerns about issues affecting them, discuss with other young people and together come up with solutions.

SONG WRITING CONTESTS allow young people to express what they feel about corruption through music.

MOBILIZING YOUTH ANTI CORRUPTION WORKSHOPS teach youth skills, tools and techniques on how young people can mobilize to fight corruption.  The workshop also teaches youth skills to effectively use the media and promote the work, values and activities of YACA.

MOCK ELECTIONS give young people an insight into the electoral process and what to expect during election time.

MEDIA SMART YOUTH WORKSHOPS equip young people with the tools and knowledge needed to get their Anti-Corruption messages out to the public. Print, digital and social media tools and techniques are taught and media products are created and presented at the end of the workshop.

INSPIRE CREATIVE CHANGE WORKSHOP aims to develop the capacity of the YACA members in Anti-Corruption awareness through creative, innovative and smart tools or techniques, while also building their levels of confidence. Participants learn about documentary making, public speaking and presentation skills, spoken word poetry, role play as a technique and song writing.

SPORTS CLINIC encouraging commitment – one of the YACA values, through sports. This clinic also gives the members of YACA an opportunity to give awareness on Corruption and why it is their fight. The clinic fosters an attitude of learning, fun and encouragement. These qualities are an integral part of achieving success in your school, in your community and in your life.

CITIZEN VOICE & ACTION WORKSHOP is a social accountability approach that promotes engagement between communities and government to improve health and education and other services. The workshop aims at giving youth an insight into social accountability and how they as citizens can participate in improving services and influencing policy. The workshop is an initiative of  World Vision PNG.


Our Commitment

TI is committed to creating and working with broad coalitions representing civil society to prevent corruption by reforming systems.

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