What is YACA?

The Youth Against Corruption Association (YACA) was established in 2002 by Fr John Glynn, the chaplain of Jubilee Secondary School in Port Moresby. The YACA  is a registered organization affiliated to Transparency International PNG (TIPNG).

The YACA is a membership-based youth organization, run by young people who are interested and committed to the fight against corruption in Papua New Guinea.

What does YACA do?

The YACA members fight corruption by refusing to practice it in their own lives and rejecting the attitudes that support and allow corruption to happen.

The YACA brings young people together and provides a safe space where they can discuss their concerns. The YACA provides youth the opportunity to develop leadership skills and be a positive influence in their communities.


The YACA aims to inspire young people by allowing them to explore their full potential.

  • VOICE: use our VOICE to speak out and publicly reject dishonesty, violence and corruption.
  • LEADERSHIP: show LEADERSHIP, and always show by our behaviour that we are good role models for others to follow.
  • COMMITMENT: COMMITTED to reciting the YACA Pledge every day. The pledge is a reminder of our promise to become a good person, committed to honesty, integrity and good citizenship.

 The YACA Pledge

The YACA members memorize and recite the YACA Pledge everyday to remind themselves of their commitment to opposing corruption.

With faith in Gods mercy and love,

I, ………………………………………….. ­­­­­


I will always speak the truth;

That I will always respect other people’s property;

That I will always be gentle in my actions and in my words;

That I will always repay my debts;

That I will always keep my promises;

May God help me to be faithful to this pledge all the days of my life.



The Youth Against Corruption Association facilitates various activities for young people to be actively involved. These include song writing contests, youth forums, media workshops, mock elections, sports clinics, leadership workshops, radio talkback shows and many more!

How can you be part of YACA?

Join the fight,

Contact us and sign up to be a member of YACA.

A membership fee of K5.00. You will receive a membership certificate, YACA badge and access to our anti- corruption activities and resources.

Download brochure here


Our Commitment

TI is committed to creating and working with broad coalitions representing civil society to prevent corruption by reforming systems.

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