Implementing Partners The Mining for Sustainable Development Programme is:

  • Led in Papua New Guinea by Transparency International PNG.
  • Implemented globally by local TI chapters in coalition with stakeholders in twenty different countries.
  • Supported by TI Australia, acting as a global Centre of Expertise and the TI International Secretariat.

Phase I of the Programme is funded by BHP Billiton Foundation and the Department of Foreign.

The Problem

The problem


Mining offers opportunity

The problem needs to be tackled at its roots: weak transparency and accountability in decision-making about mining approvals.

The Solution

Good Government

Where we fit in

We are complementing existing efforts to improve transparency in extractive industries…

Sustainable Mining

…by focussing on the start of the decision chain: the point at which governments grant mining permits and licences, negotiate contracts and make agreements.

Our Vision

Good Government

How the Programme works

Phase I (2016-2017): assessing corruption risks and building stakeholder coalitions in 20 countries.


Phase II (2018-2020): implementing national, regional and global strategies to address risks identified in Phase I.

we are working

Contact Us

Haihuie Yuambari
Chapter Program Coordinator, Transparency International PNG
Phone: 3202182/3202188


Our Commitment

TI is committed to creating and working with broad coalitions representing civil society to prevent corruption by reforming systems.

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