The Advocacy & Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) is an office set up by Transparency International PNG Inc. (TIPNG). It is a free, confidential and professional service that offers victims and witnesses of corruption an avenue to report incidences of corruption.

ALAC’s Core Business:

  • Facilitation of the provision of legal Advice, Assistance and Support
  • Campaign & Advocacy
  • Coalition & Partnership Building
  • Outreach & Public Education

ALAC goals:

  • Help citizens develop, articulate and pursue corruption complaints through provision of free legal advice and support
  • Raise awareness on what corrupt conduct is
  • Operate an effective corruption complaints mechanism
  • Achieve reform by advocacy
  • Successful program management
  • Establishing effective partnerships

Services offered by ALAC:

  • Consultation with a Lawyer
  • Referrals of complaints to Anti-Corruption Agencies and other state bodies for investigation
  • Follow up on all referred cases until a resolution is achieved

The Advocacy & Legal Advice Centre is a service to the general public that provides free legal assistance to victims and witnesses of corruption. It is an avenue for advocacy and to educate the public on their rights and responsibilities to counter corruption.

ALAC does not investigate nor does it prosecute because TIPNG does not have the legislative authority to do so. But what ALAC can do is readily provide legal assistance in terms of structuring complaints, referring complainants to the correct authorities and building bridges with state agencies to combat corruption.

If you feel that you have become a victim of corruption or if you have witnessed corruption, report it! Talk to ALAC!


Our Commitment

TI is committed to creating and working with broad coalitions representing civil society to prevent corruption by reforming systems.

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