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REDD+ Governance & Finance Integrity

PROJECT TYPE: REDD+ Governance & Finance Integrity (RGFI) Project


This project builds on earlier projects carried out under the FGI (Forest Governance Integrity)program, and is currently under the Climate Finance Integrity Programme (CFIP). The project is funded by the Norwegian Government's Agency for Development (NORAD) and 2015 is its final year of implementation.

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RGFI project focuses on three (3) main objectives:

  • Objective 1: Engage concerned citizens and stakeholders in REDD+ policy development, implementation & monitoring and demand public accountability.
  • Objective 2: Provide legal advice and support mechanisms for victims and witnesses of corruption that are related to REDD+.
  • Objective 3: improve and enforce policies and practices to prevent corruption through transparency, accountability and integrity among REDD+ governance and finance institutions, at both a national and international level.


FAQs about REDD+

What is REDD+?
REDD+ is one of the ways that governments are trying to combat climate change and the negative effects it has on communities and the environment. REDD stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation. The "plus" stands for forest conservation and enhancing carbon stocks in developing countries like PNG.

Why is TIPNG interested in REDD?

TI PNG is the lead orgnaisation in the fight against corruption. We raise awareness on corruption and the impact it has on the society in many ways, including the environment. Our focus on REDD+ is to ensure that potential corruption does not undermine REDD+ development so that REDD+ benefits must directly reach the communties engaging in REDD+. Ultimately this will lead to reducing illegal deforestation and REDD+ will achieve its overall objective in helping reduce effects of climate change.

As we have learnt from our forestry sector, developments regarding the forests rarely enhance the livelihood of the communities, rather, destroys the environment and leave communities without any tangible development. 

Do I have REDD+ Rights?

Communities engaged in REDD+ projects have rights to their forest, land and natural resources. You have the right to be consulted and to agree or disagree as a community if you want REDD+ development to continue in your area. These rights are guarded by the International Standards called REDD+ Safeguards. It is your responsibility to know about your land laws, forest laws and basic rights. Ask your leaders and developers about the types of development in your area. Do not wait until something goes wrong.

What if my rights are breached?

You have the right to report any wrong doings to the responsible authorities regarding your land and forest. At TI PNG we have a service that offers FREE LEGAL ADVICE to witnesses and victims of corruption. You can also contact us to help you on corruption related issues.

RGFI Project Milestones in 2015

In spite of the achievements accomplished in 2014 , there are opportunities to improve and do more for REDD+ development in Papua New Guinea. Collaborative stakeholder efforts at both provincial and community level would be the ideal way forward for communicating and disseminating the message of REDD+ more competently in future. Thus, the project has delivered and continues to deliver moving forward

MoU signing between Transparency International PNG & the Office of Climate Change & Development

MOU signing between TIPNG and OCCD.

10th June 2015

Transparency International PNG and the Office of Climate change and Development partnered through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support and ensure the effective implementation of climate change activities, specifically with regards to REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Dgradation. The MoU is a natural progression between the two organizations collaborative efforts to engage citizens in REDD+ development through awareness and education, enforce policies and best practices to prevent corruption through accountability as well as promoting transparency and integrity.


Facilitation of Climate Finance Course for Stakeholders

27th - 28th April 2015

A number of relevant satkeholders and interested individuals participated in the Free Online Climate Finance course, which was held at the Datec Learning Centre. The three course units introduced climate finance, its associated risks and potential types of corruption that could arise, as well as recommendations to addressing them. The course proved useful and would be predominantly applicable to the development of the Climate Change (Management) and REDD+ Policy's.

Climate Finance e-learning Course units:

  •     Introduction to Climate Finance Governance
  •     Climate Finance - Corruption and Solutions
  •     Building Integrity in REDD+


REDD+ Risk Assessment Report Launch

25th March 2015

TIPNG through its RGFI project launched the REDD+ Risk Assessment. The assessment is a diagnosis of the corruption risks in the forest and lands sector that can be proactively addressed. It also provides benchmarks for further developments in PNG.
TIPNG's analysis focuses on aspects of forest governance under three main risks:
1. Policy, legislation and regulation
2. Financial flows and benefit sharing
3. Application activities 


Manus Filming Documentary

22th-26th February 2015

The RGFI team and an ALAC lawyer accompanied a film crew from Budaya Productions to do some filming in Manus Province. The activity came about as a follow-on from the 2012 Know Your Land Rights campaign, which brought together elites from the province to lobby and rally support to stop illegal logging activities in Manus. It was a week long experience that also provided an opportunity for the team to conduct a workshop and do some awareness on corruption and advocate on peoples rights. By informing and educating the people of Manus with relevant information, they would be empowered to to make better decisions and stand up against corruption.


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