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Fight corruption by reporting it: TIPNG

Tuesday 5th March, Port Moresby – Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) was recently in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province to run a legal aid outreach to encourage people to report corruption. TIPNG encouraged the people of Goroka town to report corruption to its Advocacy & Legal Advice Center (ALAC)

The ALAC is a community service that gives free legal advice and assistance to people report instances of corruption that they encounter. TIPNG strongly believes that an important part of the fight against corruption is for victims or witnesses of corruption to speak out and report corruption.

Corruption complaints that were registered in Goroka will be receiving free legal assistance from TIPNG through:

  • Consultation with a Lawyer
  • Referrals of complaints to Anti-Corruption Agencies and other state bodies for investigation
  • Follow up on all referred cases until a resolution is achieved

The legal aid clinic in Goroka is the first one in a series of outreach planned for the Highlands, Momase and the New Guinea Islands regions.

TIPNG is not mandated to investigate or prosecute alleged perpetrators of corruption but it connects complainants with relevant state authorities to pursue their case.

The ALAC also raises awareness on the corruption hotspots, educates citizens on their rights and responsibilities and works with existing state authorities in strengthening their capacities to process complaints.

If you are a victim or witness of corruption, come forward and report it to the ALAC on the toll free number 180 6000, email or visit the TIPNG office at Lokua Avenue Boroko.

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TIPNG facilitates public awareness on anti-corruption bill

Tuesday 5th March 2019, Port MoresbyTransparency International PNG (TIPNG) held a public information session for the in Goroka last week to inform them of the new anti-corruption legislation, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

The session was held at the Mark Solon auditorium at the University of Goroka. Topics covered included:

  • Background on TIPNG,
  • the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC),
  • the  PNG National Anti- Corruption Strategy,
  • the ICAC Legislation, its Function and Powers
  • Current Status of ICAC Law

The ICAC is intended to be an independent constitutional body that will have powers to investigate arrest and prosecute cases of corruption in both the public and private sector, working alongside existing law enforcement agencies. Successfully implementing the ICAC is a promise the Papua New Guinean Government made in 2007 when it ratified the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).

To date, the ICAC bill has not been passed. It is still overdue for tabling in Parliament. TIPNG has been pushing for the establishment of an ICAC that will act without fear or favour in holding perpetrators of corruption accountable for their actions. TIPNG is facilitating wider public awareness to inform citizens of the importance of the ICAC in fighting corruption, ensuring accountability at all levels and creating a better Papua New Guinea.

“TIPNG has been involved in discussions on ICAC since 1997, and has since provided input on the ICAC Bill and the preceding Constitutional Amendments and being part of a panel discussion on ICAC in partnership with the Department of Justice and Attorney General in 2018. In our mission to inform the public on the importance of the ICAC, we have also put an advertisement in the newspaper with a simple explanation of ICAC Bill, so this information session is another one of the activities we have carried out to achieve this mission”.said TIPNG Policy and Advocacy Manager, Mr Yuambari Haihuie.

The second public awareness session on ICAC will be held in Madang at the end of this month, with another to be held in Port Moresby in April. If you would like to know more about TIPNG’s work with the ICAC , you can email or call  323 4917/7517.

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More civic participation needed in LLG Accountability


Tuesday 5th March 2019, Port MoresbyTransparency International PNG (TIPNG) conducted its second social accountability workshop with representatives from the Miminalo Local Level Government in Eastern Highlands Province last week.

Following an initial workshop on the roles and responsibilities of elected LLG officials, this follow-up workshop aimed at reinforcing social accountability methods and referral pathways for reporting corruption.

TIPNG also invited the Highlands regional office of the Ombudsman Commission to present to the participants the workshop. Presentations covered the following topics on corruption, corruption at the LLG level, reporting corruption to TIPNG and the Ombudsman Commission, civic participation in LLG accountability and drafting social accountability plans for wards.

Through these workshops, TIPNG is pushing for there is better Local Level Governance through participants putting into practice what learned during the workshops.

Those who participated in the workshop included four ward councilors from Miminalo, the LLG President Mr Kessy Maliwe and LLG Manager Mr Ishmael Sabak. The participants said they now have a better understanding of what corruption is, they are confident of what steps to take to report it and can now see the importance of having a social accountability plan to weed out corruption.

The initial workshop was held in March last year, with others in West New Britain with the Talasea LLG and in Madang Province with the Madang Urban LLG. This year, TIPNG will be conducting similar follow up workshops in these same provinces.

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