EU Backs TIPNG project to boost national integrity

EU Backs TIPNG project to boost national integrity

Monday, December 16, 2019, Port Moresby – TRANSPARENCY International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG), with funding from the European Union (EU), has now undertaken an initiative to consolidate nationwide efforts in combating corruption in PNG, in the lead up to the 2022 National General Elections.

With the official signing of the grant today (Friday 13/12/19), TIPNG’s flagship initiative, the “Promoting Anti-Corruption & Integrity Strategies (PAIS)” Project is now primed for launch in the new year 2020.

“The overall objective of the PAIS Project is to strengthen public trust in state agencies. The project will achieve this by ensuring that there are formal pathways for addressing corruption both internally, within themselves, as well as externally, through the ICAC, once it is established,” said TIPNG Chairman Peter Aitsi.

Mr Aitsi added that TIPNG’s goal for the PAIS Project is not only to develop more intuitive policy and enforcement mechanisms for individual government agencies, but to ultimately build a stronger, more unified coalition against corruption.

Throughout its two-year life span from 2020-2022, the PAIS Project will be focusing on four main activities including;

1. an assessment of national integrity systems.

2. coordinating national anti-corruption summits.

3. development of anti-corruption policies for government agencies.

4. building a coalition against corruption with mainstream media and civil society.

The initial scope of the project has identified a number of core groups and actors, including the PNG government, Integrity Institutions, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, mainstream media and civil society groups which the initiative aims to unite in the fight against corruption.

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