Chairman of Transparency International visits Papua New Guinea

Chairman of Transparency International visits Papua New Guinea

Chairman of Transparency International, Mr José Ugaz is visiting Papua New Guinea for the first time. Mr Jose Ugaz will be in Port Moresby on Monday (7/8/17) as part of his chapter visits.

José was elected Chairman to the Transparency International Board in 2014. José Ugaz is a lawyer who was special state attorney in one of Latin American’s biggest corruption cases in history.

Ugaz was an ad-hoc state attorney of Peru for several corruption cases against the criminal network of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori. Fujimori fled the country in 2000 after allegations of systematic and widespread abuse of power. From 2000-2002, Ugaz’s office opened more than 200 cases against 1500 government officials and other associates of Fujimori. Under his mandate, US$205 million in assets were frozen abroad and US$75 million were recovered.

Ugaz was a member of the UN Peace Keeping Mission and the UN Election Observers Mission for El Salvador, and from 2004-2006 served at the World Bank’s anti-corruption unit. He has been teaching criminal law at the Universidad Católica del Perú since 1986.

While in country, José will be speaking to civil society organizations on citizen’s role in preventing impunity. A special business breakfast will be held for him to have an audience with the business community in Port Moresby. Ugaz will also be sharing his experiences with the students of the University and institutions.

Transparency International PNG is honored to host its global chairman and hopes that the dialogue Ugaz has with the various sectors will inspire them to continue to empower people and fight the good fight.