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Position Vacant: Membership & Events Officer

The Membership & Events Officer will work with the External Engagement team and raise funds for the organization through membership, donations, events and any other means.


Under the direct supervision of the External Engagement Manager, the individual will:

  • Maintain membership database and record keeping for all members
  • Work in collaboration with key stakeholders and keep members informed about TIPNG activities
  • Working with Communications Officer to organize “lunch & learn” and membership drive/awareness within and outside of Port Moresby
  • Work with External Engagement Team in planning and implementing events such as the Bi-annual Exhibition, annual Corruption Perceptions Index and International Anti-Corruption Day
  • Coordinate the Walk Against Corruption
  • Track project expenditures and monitor and report progress

Qualification, Experience and Skills

  • A qualification or 2-3 years experience in marketing, media or business;
  • Ability to demonstrate initiative and work well under pressure.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with the ability to produce concise and creative information materials to inspire new supporters while maintaining and developing relationships with existing supporters;
  • Ability to understand and generate budgets;
  • High standard of computer literacy in MS Excel;
  • Ability to plan ahead and work within agreed timeframes;
  • Willingness to work occasional evenings and weekends as required

Applications must include 3 referees with reliable telephone number and/or email address.  Send applications to

The Executive Director

Transparency International PNG Inc.

P O Box 591, Port Moresby, NCD


Applications can be dropped off at the TIPNG office – Section 31 Lot 54 Lokua Avenue Boroko. | For more information, call Tel: 323 7517

Applications close on Monday 4th June 2018

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Vacancy: Policy & Advocacy Officer

TIPNG is looking for suitable applicants to fill this new and exciting position of a POLICY & ADVOCACY OFFICER

The Policy & Advocacy Officer will work with the Policy & Advocacy Team


Under the direct supervision of the Policy & Advocacy Manager, the individual will:

  • Assist with logistics, preparation and administration for donor activities
  • Prepare reports for the Policy & Advocacy Team
  • Document Control
  • Assist with stakeholder engagement and maintain a database registry
  • Carry out desktop research

Qualification, Experience and Skills

  • Must have a tertiary qualification in Politics, Economics, Journalism or similar
  • 2-3 years of experience in a similar role
  • Must demonstrate an ability to do effective analysis that has resulted in real-world change
  • Must possess a keen understanding of national and regional socio-economic trends
  • Must demonstrate the ability to contextualize and display information, both analogue and digital
  • Preferable that applicant has a driver’s license.

Applications must include 3 referees with reliable telephone number and/or email address.  Send applications to:

The Executive Director

Transparency International PNG Inc.

P O Box 591, Port Moresby, NCD

Applications can be dropped off at the TIPNG office –  Section 31 Lot 54 Lokua Avenue Boroko

Email to:

For more information, call Tel: 323 7517

Applications close on Monday 4th June 2018

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January – March 2018 Newsletter

Read more about our activities during the first quarter of this year here and  dont forget to follow us on Facebook. We thank our members for their support . We are forever in debt of their commitment and belief that corruption can be stopped.

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Deferral of LLG elections is unconstitutional Government knows when elections are due and should prepare adequately

Port Moresby, 1 May 2018 – Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) has expressed great
concern on constitutionality of the reported deferral of the Local Level Government (LLG)
Elections to April 2019.

It is TIPNG’s view that the deferral of the LLG Elections is a breach of the Constitution.
Deferral of the LLG elections to hold them later is a complete denial of statutory and
constitutional responsibilities which is not consistent with the leadership that the people of
Papua New Guinea deserve.The spirit of the constitution is that National & Local Elections
should have concurrent terms.

TIPNG is seriously concerned that such a move to defer the LLG Elections sets a precedent and
denies the people of Papua New Guinea the chance to exercise their democratic right to
periodically elect their local level governments. Any dilution of this right, even if for pragmatic
reasons is unacceptable. The Government clearly knows when these elections are due and
should prepare adequately for it.

“If the deferral was sought by Parliament, we (TIPNG) request bodies such as the Ombudsman
Commission of PNG and Constitutional Law Reform Commission(CLRC) to protect our
constitutional rights by seeking a Supreme Court Reference, ” said Chairman of TIPNG, Mr
Lawrence Stephens.

TIPNG also calls on the Minister for Provincial & Local Level Government
Affairs to clarify the status of incumbent councillors & presidents and how development grants
will be disbursed given the reported status of LLG Election.

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Maru must act on Koloma to preserve Integrity of NSO & NID

Transparency International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG) is calling on the
Minister for National Planning Richard Maru to take immediate steps to restore integrity of both the
multi-million National Identity (NID) Project and National Statistical Office (NSO) by suspending the
acting National Statistician Mr. RokoKoloma who is being investigated by the RPNGC Fraud Squad.

TIPNG has made this call after media reports that Mr. Koloma is being sought by the police in regards
to a discrepancy of more than K24m in the NSO accounts after the Department of Finance conducted an
audit investigation in 2017.

“To preserve the integrity of the NSO and the NID Project, the Minister for National Planning must
suspend Mr. Koloma until the Police have completed their investigations, citizens must not just turn a
blind eye at such vast sums of public monies disappearing” said Chairman of TIPNG Mr. Lawrence

“The NID is vital to safeguarding our democracy and the NSO is essential to measure the government’s
efforts in national development. They are both assets of the people of Papua New Guinea and should be
afforded the proper respect by the public servants employed as their caretakers,” said Mr Stephens.

TIPNG launched 3 campaigns for 2018, one of which called for there to be a full audit of the NID so as
to restore confidence before the Project was rolled out across the country. At the time the Deputy Prime
Minister, who is also the former National Planning Minister, said an independent audit committee would
be established by February to quell justifiable public concern, unfortunately there is no indication that
committee has been established.

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TIPNG Calls on Chief Secretary to Release Full Manumanu Report

Port Moresby, 20 April 2018 – Transparency International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG) has said that the Government must make a report on the Manumanu Scandal available for public scrutiny. This report cost tax-payers K2m. Media outlets have not been given access to the full report into the payment of K46m made to a dubious business entity for land allegedly valued at only K10,000 in Central Province.

“The Administrative Inquiry was tabled on the floor of Parliament last week Friday (13/04/18), and this week the formerly suspended Lands Secretary and the head of the MVIL have gone to the courts to be reinstated to their positions on the basis of this completed Inquiry,” said Lawrence Stephens, Chairman of TIPNG, “this is in addition to Ministers William Duma and Fabian Pok who were also sidelined and subsequently reinstated by the Prime Minister after the 2017 National Elections and before the Manumanu Inquiry report had been completed.”

Since its tabling in Parliament, TIPNG has attempted to obtain the Manumanu Administrative Inquiry Report from the Government Printing Office and been informed that the full report has not been released by the Chief Secretary’s Office as custodians of Commissions of Inquiry.

TIPNG is calling on the Chief Secretary and the Department of PM & NEC to release the full report on their public website as a first step to making it available.

“Now that the report has been tabled in Parliament, the people of Central Province, the general public and media outlets must have access to the findings of the Manumanu Administrative Inquiry and we must reflect on whether it meets its original Terms of Reference,” said Mr. Stephens, “For the Manumanu Inquiry to be complete it must include documents pertaining to the valuation and sale of the land as well as the NEC decision resulting in the K46m purchase with funds from the implicated agencies and leaders. If the report is deficient in any of these aspects it is difficult to see how it exonerates either of the two Ministers or eight Heads of Departments.”

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Works Minister must publicly provide evidence that Brian is lying.

Port Moresby,  13 April 2018 – Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) calls on the  Works Minister Honorable Michael Nali to provide evidence that suspended Works Northern Manager, Mr Brian Alois, lied about inflated costs for some roads.

It was reported that Mr. Brian Alois, Senior Engineer in the Momase Region was suspended after making a presentation, at the invitation of the National Planning Minister, on the economics of building roads in PNG. Participants at the National Planning Summit, including the Secretary for Works, heard Mr Alois provide details of the spiralling costs of each kilometre of road construction. Mr. Alois who is also the President of the Institute of Engineers PNG provided details of costs of roads in 1994, 2004 and more recently and stated in his presentation that it currently costs up to an average of K3 million per kilometre of road.

The Department of Works must present its data and justify the suspension of Mr. Alois accused falsehoods, otherwise the public can assume that this is a witch hunt by a Government department terrified of truth.

The Minister of Works called Mr Alois  a liar on the floor of Parliament. Mr Alois is a senior public servant and civil engineer who has given his professional opinion  appears to have risked his career by presenting,  verifiable data in a public forum at the invitation of the government.

“Mr Alois’ suspension over allegedly making false comments at the  National Planning Summit in March 2018 is simply unacceptable. Speakers were invited by government to assist Papua New Guinea by bringing their experience and advice to a public planning meeting. For the government to then punish speakers for doing what they were requested to do is outrageous.. If ministers or other public servants disagree with the facts and opinions it is up to them to produce facts, ” said TIPNG Chairman, Mr Lawrence Stephens.

Citizens expect public office holders to respect a basic principle that effective public service should be seen to be provided with integrity and impartiality.

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Preserve the integrity of the Administrative Inquiry into the Manumanu land case

Port Moresby, 7 February 2018 –  It is extremely shameful that the Minister for Lands and Physical Planning has needed to report files, important to an Administrative Inquiry launched by the Prime Minister, are missing. It is simply not acceptable that Prime Minister O’Neill and Minister Tkatchenko are prevented from delivering on promises they have made to the nation and shamed by public servants who fail to secure documents essential to delivering of these promises.

Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) calls on the Prime Minister  to preserve the integrity of the process he himself started in February 2017 when he announced an administrative inquiry into the Manumanu Land Deal.

“If the inquiry is deficient due to missing documentation,  then it is clear that a much more robust investigation, even a Commission of Inquiry, should be established and the matter reviewed appropriate investigators and by the Judiciary,” said Chairman of TIPNG, Mr Lawrence Stephens.

The reported missing Manumanu land files are very likely to have an impact on the ongoing administrative inquiry. TIPNG has been concerned about the upholding of the principles of good governance in the Manumanu case.

Since the case surfaced, TIPNG has been calling on the Prime Minister to revoke his decision to reappoint ministers he stood aside to permit an Inquiry to be conducted. and preserve the integrity of the Administrative Inquiry. TIPNG has constantly called for the tabling of the findings of the Inquiry. It is difficult to see how the inquiry will be effective given the latest disclosure.

TIPNG also calls on the Ombudsman Commission and investigative authorities to take note and strong swift action. The people need assurances that government exists for them, to protect and advance their interests. If the likely evidence of fraud can be tampered with when in the care of public officials, citizens lose trust in the Government system and can even begin to doubt the sincerity of promises made to them.

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Government must be Transparent on Central Rice Project Deliberation

Port Moresby, 26 January 2018 –Transparency International Papua New Guinea (TIPNG) is calling on Minister for Agriculture and the National Government to ensure that the decision-making process for the controversial Central Province Rice Project must be transparent for public scrutiny. The project involves an alleged international criminal and could damage the food security & well-being of all Papua New Guineans.

In a recent statement Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Honorable Benny Allen, said that the Government was in the process of reviewing the Naime Rice Project in Central Province. Naime Food Ltd, a company only registered in 2011, was requesting both a 10-year break from paying taxes and 80% control of the domestic rice market in Papua New Guinea.

In response to this, Chairman of TIPNG, Mr Lawrence Stephens, said, “The people of Papua New Guinea deserve to know why their Government is endangering their access to food by bringing in a company that was registered only 7 years ago, has not grown a single grain of rice and is alleged to have ties to the former Indonesian fugitive DjokoTjandra. These circumstances raise serious questions about why this proposal was made to give Naime Food, by law, control of 80% of the rice in PNG.”

“TIPNG finds it concerning that other state bodies responsible for Competition, Consumer Protection, Trade, Commerce, National Planning, National Security or even compliance with International Criminal Law have not vocalised their opposition to this shady deal,” said Mr. Stephens.

“As an organisation representing the views of citizens that value clarity and integrity in Government’sdeliberations, we call on Minister Allen to be open and inclusive of all views before making this important decision,” added Stephens.

In 2009 Indonesian businessman DjokoTjandra was sentenced in absentia to 2 years imprisonment and ordered by the Indonesian Supreme Court to pay back $57 million he allegedly received from the sale of now bankrupt Bank Bali. Tjandra fled to Port Moresby in 2009 and was given refuge by the PNG Government 3 years later with local media reporting him getting PNG citizenship. Tjandra’s dealings with the O’Neill government were highlighted in a 2017 Review of 20 Outstanding Cases of National Concern 2007-2017 by TIPNG.

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Oct-Dec 2017 Newsletter – Integrity Champions!

The last three months of 2017 were exciting months for us at TIPNG with the launch of our Elections Observation Report, the recognition of seven national agencies for their integrity initiatives.

We celebrated our 21st anniversary and International Anti Corruption Day at our new office property purchased after 20 years of fundraising. We are on the road to sustainability!

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