Day: July 9, 2019

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TIPNG Presents Statistics on Complaints Received

Tuesday 09th July 2019, Port Moresby – Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) has called for state agencies
to be proactive in addressing corruption complaints by the public. TIPNG made this known at a presentation to
update the media, stakeholders and partners on the statistics from corruption complaints received by the
“TIPNG provides free, confidential, legal advice through our Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (ALAC) to
members of the public who have been victims or witnesses of corruption. As TIPNG is not a constitutionally
mandated body, the ALAC service cannot investigate, arrest or prosecute alleged perpetrators of corruption, but
rather the service provides explanations of the law, drafting of legal documents and referral to partner agencies,
such as the Ombudsman Commission or the Office of the Public Prosecutor who can act,” said Mr. Samson
Kandata, ALAC Coordinator.
Mr. Kandata gave a presentation on the statistics collected from January – June 2019 of people in Papua New
Guinea who decided to act against corruption and lodge complainants with ALAC. The data from the total of 54
complaints received in the last 6 months included; the sectors with most frequent complaints, the alleged corrupt
acts that were most complained about and key demographic data on complainants such as gender, means of
contact & how they first heard about the ALAC service.
“The statistics from the ALAC Complaints Database paint a clear picture that individual state agencies will have
to take the lead to address corruption as the leading sector that received complaints was general Public
Administration/Services followed by Police, Education, Land/Property and Natural Resources” said Mr.
“Bear in mind that the two acts most frequently complained about by the public to ALAC were Lack of
Transparency and Mismanagement of Public Funds. This is why TIPNG reiterates its call for the enacting of an
Access to Information Law and the need for state agencies to ensure they have a corporate anti-corruption plan
in line with the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2010-2030.”
The presentation is part of a 6-month update on ALAC statistics, with the last being in December 2018. The
ALAC service offered by TIPNG has been in operation since 2010 and is part of a global programme in at least
60 countries that have a local chapter of Transparency International. In Papua New Guinea, there is a free
ALAC hotline 180 6000 that can be called during office hours from any phone in the country.


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