Cairn’s Conservatory Scandal

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Cairn’s Conservatory Scandal

In 1995 the Public OfficersSuperannuation Fund paid a company owned by the Australian property developer, Warren Anderson, 18.72 million dollars for the Cairns Conservatory which Mr Anderson’s company had bought only a month before for about half that amount.

The PNG Auditor General’s report, tabled in the Parliament in Port Moresby in 1997, criticised the POSF for relying on a valuation provided by Mr Anderson’s company and it contained an assessment from the Valuer General’s office in Brisbane stating that the Conservatory’s market value at the time was about eight million dollars.


The evidence was all there for a trial for at very least gross incompetence and possibly fraud but it never went ahead.

Actions currently (September 2013) being taken by Government on this issue: None

Action TIPNG wants to see

  1. The case brought to trial and if there is evidence of fraud the offenders punished.
  2. If as the government claimed at the time that there is no case to answer then this should be found out in public trial and not by a member of parliament.
  3. That all the evidence be made public.

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