Corrupt land officials must be dealt with

Corrupt land officials must be dealt with

Transparency International PNG (TI PNG) commends Minister for Lands, Honorable Justin Tkatchenko’s undertaking to deal with officials that issue public land titles to business entities or individuals.

TIPNG is pleased to note that the Minister Tkatchenko is working with the National Capital District Commission to take back all the public land that was given away.

Corruption in land management happens when officials demand bribes for basic administrative steps, but also when high-level political decisions are unduly influenced. Administrative corruption involves bribes and illegal payments made to register land, acquire official documents and approve building permits. These land are obtained and “developed” into shopping malls, housing developments and other commercial activities.

“At TIPNG , we hope that the Minister for Lands also takes on the challenge to improve land governance. It is our strong belief that the right to land must not depend on the ability to grease the palms of public officials, but for officials to display integrity in perform their duties,” said TI PNG Chairman, Lawrence Stephens.

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