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TIPNG reaches Lae with legal aid clinic

Thursday 29 August 2019, Port Moresby – The Advocacy & Legal Advice Center (ALAC) is a program of Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) that offers free legal services for victims and witnesses of corruption.

(Left- Right) Advocacy & Legal Advice Program Coordinator, Mr Samson Kandata, Morobe Provincial Police Commander, Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr and TIPNG Executive Director, Ms Arianne Kassman after meeting on how both organizations can work together to address corruption.

Recently TIPNG was in Lae Morobe Province to run a legal aid outreach to provide the opportunity for people in the province to report instances of corruption that they may have encountered.

“TIPNG collected a substantial number of complaints from the general public in Morobe Province and a lot of these complaints were related to lack of transparency in public administration at the provincial level ,” said Mr Samson Kandata, ALAC Coordinator.

TIPNG receives complaints and creates advocacy on the types of corruption complaints received or sectors that are reportedly practicing corruption. TIPNG also works with state agencies and other organizations to strengthen their anti-corruption mechanisms.

Current statistics from ALAC show that a lot of people approached TIPNG to report corruption within general public administration and services, police, the education sector, land/property and natural resources. Further to this, the corrupt practice that most complainants reported to ALAC were lack of transparency and mismanagement of public funds.

“From the complaints we rec eive at ALAC, we have made a strong call for the Government to enact an Access to Information Law.  We also urge state agencies to ensure they have a corporate anti-corruption plan in line with the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2010-2030,” said Mr Kandata.

In Lae, TIPNG also held stakeholders meetings with the Ombudsman Commission Momase Regional Office, the Lae Police, Morobe Provincial Lands Department, Internal Revenue Commission Lae Office and Lae Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

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Civics. Teach it. Learn it. Live it.

Port Moresby, 29 August 2019 – Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) was in Lae recently  to workshop its School Based Civic Education curriculum to teachers in the province.

Civic education refers to teaching people how to be good citizens.  TIPNG’s School Based Civic Education project aims to create a generation of responsible citizens that work to ensure good governance at all levels of society.

(Left -Right) Posing with civic education materials – TIPNG Executive Director, Ms Arianne Kassman, Acting Morobe Provincial Education Adviser, Mr Bray Kalo, TIPNG School Based Civic Education Coordinator, Ms Marlene Delis, Morobe Provincial TVET Coordinator and TIPNG Corruption Complaints Desk Coordinator, Mr Samson Kandata.

In a survey conducted in 2009, TIPNG found out that schools ac

ross Papua New Guinea did not have adequate materials to teach concepts of human rights, democracy, how the government system works and the roles and responsibility of citizens. Without the proper materials, teachers lack the confidence to teach civic education.

“From the findings of the survey, we set out to develop civic education materials for Papua New Guinean schools. We have done this in close consultation with the National Department of Education. So the workshop in Lae was aimed at increasing teachers’ accessibility to our civic education materials and increases their knowledge on civic concepts. We also met with the Morobe Provincial Education Division and they are also keen on having these materials,” said TIPNG’s Civic Education Coordinator, Ms Marlene Delis.

TIPNG has produced the following Civic Education materials for schools in Papua New Guinea. These materials are targeted for primary and secondary schools, teacher colleges, police training school centers and vocational schools:

  • Teacher Resource Book – containing teaching and learning concepts about democracy, human rights, and how the government works;
  • Book of Background Readings for Teachers – an information book for teachers;
  • Student Readers – containing short stories explaining key civics concepts;
  • Big Books – large picture story books for teachers to read to primary school students;
  • Posters – large teaching posters on civic concepts such as conflict of interest, citizens’ rights;
  • Android Phone Applications – users to engage in a game of ethical rationing and knowledge of PNG;
  • Teacher Training – workshops for teachers on how to use the materials;
  • DVD – containing videos and sample lessons on civic education concepts.

A teacher from Haikoast Community School in Morobe Province that participated in TIPNG’s workshop expressed appreciation for the materials stating that civic education in Papua New Guinea could be a national topic for schools in-service for all teachers.

TIPNG has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Education that forms the basis of collaboration and innovation of the delivery of civic education materials and training for schools and associated institutions in Papua New Guinea.

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